Monday, June 30, 2008

My roommate Emma divulges her secret at last

My roommate Emma Dumbledore and I had a chance to chat today as she was feeling homesick. You know how Emma likes to observe the muggle holidays (apparently a muggle holiday called "4th of July" is coming up. Well duh, the 4th of July is coming, and so is the 1st, 2nd, etc. I don't get it). Anyway, Emma was feeling rather melancholy since she couldn't get home for this holiday, and I asked her once again about that famous last name of hers. She has finally revealed, after all this time, that she is Albus Dumbledore's gay lover's daughter! He gave her his last name though to protect her and give her a brighter future, as her real dad was a death eater and she was tortured as a little kid. Poor Emma. The outer scars have healed but the inner ones take longer. Keep your chin up Emma!


Lavender A said...

lmao. i got a crazy 'cuz

Agatha Ackerly said...

I come by it naturally!